Your car is very important, since it is what moves you to your work, school or social events; After all, your car is like an extension of your person, which is why it seems important to give you these tips to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Following is my list of optimal car care;


Checking the levels is a very important task that you must do at least once a week before using your vehicle; We recommend that you check: engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, hydraulic steering oil and battery fluid.

It is extremely important that you make sure that the fluid levels are at their point, since if they fail they can cause problems that range from the heating of the vehicle, to the total loss of the engine.


Gasoline has a similar function to that of antifreeze in the engine; It is responsible for cooling the pump and keeping it at a regular temperature for optimum operation, when the level of the tank decreases by half or less, it undergoes a warming above normal and therefore the wear is more accelerated; Therefore, to protect the gasoline pump and prevent failures, as well as improve performance, it is advisable to keep the tank at more than half its capacity.


You should periodically check the condition of the engine bands, both visually and with dryness tests, this will help you to prevent a possible engine failure, since if one of these bands gets broken it is possible that your engine stops working ; We advise you to always bring a spare band, you never know when you might need it.


The wires conduct electricity to the spark plugs, which generate a spark that ignites the mixture of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber, if the wires are very old or used your car will not start or it will take a lot of work to do so. If your car’s plugs and cables are damaged, get them replaced from

When you change the spark plugs and wires you make electricity flow more easily and the spark is generated without problems, which improves engine performance considerably.


The condition of the discs, the pads and the pedal should be done by an expert mechanic at least once a month to avoid accidents, in addition to performing a periodic inspection of the brake fluid will allow good walking performance and greater driving safety; Remember that taking care of the brakes is taking care of the life not of your vehicle, but yours and that of the people who accompany you.


Maintaining adequate air pressure when calibrating tires is an extremely important task. The tire pressure depends on the type of car, tire and wheels you have, therefore, it is variant in each case ( normally each tire has the indication of maximum pressure on one side, we recommend filling your tires at 80% of that indication ); It is also important to check that they are not cracked, worn or have no balls, any deformity in the tire represents a risk to the operation and life of it, if you find something different it may be time to change them.


It is advisable to check the battery status at least every three months. It must be prevented from drying out, since when the liquid is lacking, the operation is disturbed, as well as its useful life is reduced; This is why you should add liquid periodically.


The injectors are those that provide gasoline to the engine so that it can work. Maintaining them in good condition guarantees the proper functioning of the engine, as well as a considerable saving of gasoline, to keep them in optimal conditions you must make the corresponding tunings, as well as washing them and maintaining the Fuel Injection system .


This is one of the most important points to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. The tuning generally consists of changing oil, air filters, gasoline and oil, as well as changing spark plugs and, if necessary, spark plug wires. Tuning your vehicle not only keeps it in the best shape, but it improves engine performance, reduced use of gasoline and minimizes the emission of toxic pollutants.

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